Michael Wex

Michael Wex’s is a master of language–he’s a novelist, playwright, and performer as well as an expert on Yiddish language. His lectures can be relied on to combine serious scholarly research with deep wit.


1. Tell us about your work and interests.

I’ve been researching Yiddish language and culture for over thirty years now, especially its more popular forms.

2. What’s your favorite new project right now?

Ive just finished a book on Yiddish food, the food eaten by European Yiddish-speakers and their American descendants.

3. What kinds of classes will you teach at A Biselle KlezKamp and winter KlezKamp?

I’ll be talking about Yiddish foodways, culture, and beliefs.

4. You’ve been to Madison before–what’s your favorite thing about visiting?

You can’t find a beer boot anywhere in Toronto.

More about Michael at ABKK: Michael’s bio is here, and descriptions of his lectures are here.

For complete information about A Biselle KlezKamp 2014, go here.

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