Sherry Mayrent

We are very excited to be joined this year by Sherry Mayrent, the musician and collector whose donation of a massive collection of historical recordings forms the backbone of our work on Yiddish culture here in Madison.


1. Tell us about your work and interests.

I am a clarinetist and teacher, a composer of traditional klezmer tunes, and, since 2001, the Associate Director of KlezKamp. My main claim to fame is the Mayrent Collection of Yiddish 78s now housed at the UW-Madison Mills Music Library.

2. What’s your favorite new project right now?

I am currently working on a new web site that will gather together all my teaching materials, offer a variety of essays on various aspects of traditional klezmer, and, once a month, provide a discussion of a tune of particular interest, complete with a downloadable chart.

3. What kinds of classes will you teach at A Biselle KlezKamp and winter KlezKamp?

At A Biselle KlezKamp, I plan to offer performance workshops for beginning instrumentalists as well as a general lecture on South American treasures from my record collection. At winter KlezKamp, I generally offer a theory overview and often coach an ensemble.

4. What do you do when you’re not teaching at KlezKamp?

In addition to my record collection and work on my web site, I am an active participant in the lives of my nine grandchildren, I bike, and I work with and for a foundation involved in the preservation and dissemination of Hawaiian traditional culture.

5. You’e been to Madison before–what’s your favorite thing about visiting?

I love the energy of the place, the lakes, and the people.

More about Sherry at ABKK: Sherry’s bio is here, and descriptions of her music workshops and lecture are here.

For complete information about A Biselle KlezKamp 2014, go here.

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