Susan Leviton

Susan Leviton has been to Madison to teach Yiddish arts and culture several times, and she’s a longtime faculty member of winter KlezKamp. What’s she up to right now?



1. Tell us about your work and interests.

You name it, I’m interested. Dorothy Parker memorably said there’s no cure for curiosity. Part of the joy in my varied work is that I learn from people wherever I go and through whatever I’m commissioned to create!

2. What’s your favorite new project right now?

A few months before ABKK I had the joy of releasing a new recording that runs the gamut of Yiddish song styles and emotions and is packed into a hardbound book full of traditional papercut-style art. My new band, with Michael Winograd at the helm, has been developing a spectacular live concert which we plan to take on the road in the coming months!

3. What’s going to be new for you at ABKK this year?

There will, of course, be two brand new classes: A new lecture/recital will focus on the (Yiddish musical) biographies of heroes in our lives, historic and present. Lots to share and discover! I’ll also be leading a Yiddish sing-along as one of my classes, so even if you’re not a Yidl mitn Fidl, you’ll be able to raise your voice and join others in song!  All transliterations will be provided.

4. What do you do when you’re not teaching at KlezKamp?

My art life swings happily from music to visual arts, and this past year has been no exception. A massive art wall/donor recognition system in a new synagogue building was dedicated in June. I had the honor of designing the entire 17’ X 8’ space, telling the history and values of the shul in papercut style, but fabricated in Formica, Corian, and ½” thick acrylic, and accented with magnificent Youghiogheny art glass. Keeps me busy, this life!

5. You’ve been to Madison before–what’s your favorite thing about visiting?

Just walking around, the wonderful museums open for free on Shabbes, and the aromas of foods from varied cultures wafting into the street from tiny restaurants. When you don’t live in a college town, this is great fun!

Want to learn more about Susan and her work? Check out her website (be sure to look at the pictures of her gorgeous artwork), take a look at her bio, and see her class descriptions.

For complete information about A Biselle KlezKamp 2014, go here.

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