Miriam Isaacs

Miriam Isaacs is one of ABKK’s language and culture experts. Her lectures at ABKK will draw on brand new research that she is currently conducting.


1. Tell us about your work and interests.

I am presently working on the musical culture of the DPs, refugees from WWII in Germany and Austria. I am also writing about how music has served to help the emotional life of survivors and memorialize those who perished.

2. Whatts your favorite new project right now?

I am looking at particular themes that emerge from the collections of Holocaust and ghetto songs. I am especially working with the Ben Stonehill Collection now. [Learn about the Ben Stonehill Collection here. -ed.]

3. What kinds of classes will you teach at A Biselle KlezKamp and winter KlezKamp?

I would like to focus on Yiddish ballads as storytelling drawing from the Stonehill materials but also classic Yiddish ballads.

4. What do you do when you’re not teaching at KlezKamp?

I recently completed the Life Reborn Fellow at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and have been awarded a Fulbright grant to Lund University in Sweden for the fall of 2014.

5. You’ve been to Madison before–what’s your favorite thing about visiting?

Yes. The people and the beauty of the place, the intimacy.

More about Miriam at ABKK: Miriam’s bio is here, and descriptions of the classes she’s teaching are here.

For complete information about A Biselle KlezKamp 2014, go here.

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