Sarah Gordon: A Biselle KlezKamp 2013

Sarah Gordon runs KlezKids, the program for kids ages 5-12 at A Biselle KlezKamp. It’s a program she’s spent a lifetime in–the KlezKids program at winter KlezKamp started for her, so that her mom could teach classes! Learn more about Sarah below…


1. Tell us about your work and interests.

I love New Yiddish Classics, getting kids to sing in Yiddish, games, and cultural continuity.

2. What’s your favorite new project right now?

Compiling new Yiddish songs written in the past 18 years.

3. You lead programming for kids ages 5-12. What’s new this year?

Each year I come with more stories, games, and songs.

4. What do you do when you’re not teaching at KlezKamp?

I sing in Yiddish, including as the lead singer for Yiddish Princess, a Yiddish rock band. I’m also a full time 3rd grade teacher.

5. You’ve been to Madison before—what’s your favorite thing about visiting?

Ice cream.

More about Sarah at ABKK: Sarah‚Äôs bio is here. She’ll be leading age-appropriate programming for kids during the day at ABKK (except at lunch). Parents are requested to share one period with their children in the KlezKids program.

For complete information about A Biselle KlezKamp 2013, go here.


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