Sound Salon with Richard March: A Great Vision: A Militant Family’s Journey through the 20th Century

Monday, October 23, 2017
7:00pm – 9:00pm
126 Memorial Library, 728 State St.

Free and Open to the Public

Richard March grew up a “red diaper baby” in a family committed to union organizing and civil rights. He went on to earn his Ph.D. in Folklore from Indiana University and had a thirty-year career in public folklore as a musician, radio producer, and Wisconsin’s state folklorist. His recent book, A Great Vision: A Militant Family’s Journey Through the 20th Century, traces his family history through three generations as they organized for union protections, civil rights, and anti-war movements. More than simply a memoir, A Great Vision shows us how folklore practices can help forge new models of social activism to address 21st-century progressive causes. Following his talk, March will perform some old labor songs learned from his father.

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