Klezmer music workshops

November 19 & 21, 2014Sherry_vertical_smaller_cropped

The Mayrent Institute is excited to announce that Sherry Mayrent will lead two workshops on Yiddish music performance.

Participants in these workshops will learn to play several klezmer tunes as well as learn about the theoretical and stylistic underpinnings of klezmer performance.

Public workshop
Wednesday, November 19
Pyle Center, room 111
UW-Madison Campus, 702 Langdon Street

This “slow tempo” workshop is aimed primarily at musicians who are relatively new to klezmer music performance, but may also be of interest to students interested in learning more about klezmer music theory.

Participants in this workshop should bring their own music stands.

School of Music student workshop
Friday, November 21
Humanities 2411

This workshop is aimed at students in the UW-Madison School of Music or other musicians with advanced proficiency on their instruments but who may not have previous familiarity with playing klezmer.

Questions? 608.890.4818 or info@mayrentinstitute.wisc.edu

Please register by sending an email to info@mayrentinstitute.wisc.edu. Your email should include the following information:

First and last name
Email address
Which workshop you’re attending
Previous experience with klezmer or other folk / vernacular music (if any–none is required for participation)

Sherry will also be giving a public talk during her visit to Madison. More information here.

Sherry Mayrent is the Associate Director of KlezKamp: The Yiddish Folk Arts Program, which is about to celebrate its 30th year. She is an accomplished clarinetist who started playing klezmer in 1987, and since that time she has been the clarinetist and musical director of the Wholesale Klezmer band; has been a record producer and prolific composer of traditional klezmer tunes; and has published several books of klezmer charts. She is the donor after whom the Mayrent Institute is named, and the collector who created and donated the Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings, the nation’s largest collection of historical Yiddish music as recorded on 78rpms records which is now held in the Mills Music Library. Her passion for traditional Yiddish culture is equaled only by her passion for traditional Hawaiian culture.


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