How to Use the Mayrent Collection

How to Read Discographic Information

Leben Soll Columbus [Label copy] (Lebn Zol Kolumbus) [Standardized transliteration]

Long Live Columbus [Translation of title] 

(Thomashefsky-Perlmutter-Wohl) [Composer(s)/Lyricist(s)]

Kalmen Juvelier [Performer name]

Tenor with orchestra [Recording description]

Columbia E 2996 44761-1 [Label, catalog number, matrix number]

New York, September 16, 1916 [Location and recording date]


Transcription and Transliteration

Early Yiddish-American popular culture (magazines, sheet music, records, etc.) employed a chaotic, make-it-up-as-you-go-along system for transliterating Yiddish into English characters, rendering cataloging and retrieval difficult. The transliteration system used here is based on the fundamentals of the YIVO and Library of Congress systems except for words or names recognizable by their previously accepted spelling.


  English Yiddish
A start andersh
E head felt
Eh mention shmate
I (hard) screed vi, brider
I (soft) is git, biter
O mother vos
U (hard) mood du
U (soft) full unheyb
Ay why, sky dayn
Ey they zey
Oy boy koyl
Dzh jet fartuzhet
Kh Bach makh, trakht


NOTE: Words in italics indicate that the original was transliterated into English from Hebrew characters. Sentences in Yiddish will all begin with capital letters, as will proper names. Personal and professional names will be spelled as originally printed.