Po Chasidatskomu

Label image for Victor 68570: Joseph Winogradoff, "Po Chasidatskomu"
Po Chasidatskomu
Joseph Winogradoff,
Victor 68570 C 25218-1
New York, New York, April 18, 1921

Joseph Winagradoff was born on December 6, 1866 in Vilna, Poland, where he studied piano and cantorial singing. He moved to Odessa in 1884 to continue his training, but he soon left for Moscow where he quickly earned a reputation for his concert performances and made his operatic debut as Ferrando in Il trovatore. For the next three decades, he performed throughout Europe including a brief stint at London’s Pavilion Theatre, home of the city’s Yiddish stage. Winagradoff arrived in the U.S. in 1920 where he worked as a cantor and performed on the stage in New York and Philadelphia. He eventually settled in Jerusalem, where he died on September 2, 1936.

Here, Winogradoff performs “Po Chasidatskomu,” recorded on April 18, 1921 for the Victor label.