Leben Soll Columbus

Label image for Columbia E2801: Shir Hashirim, "Leben Soll Columbus"
Leben Soll Columbus
From Der Grine Milyoner
Shir Hashirim,
Columbia E2801 43782-1
New York, New York, ca. March 1916

Arnold Perlmutter was born on December 24, 1859 in Zlotshev, Eastern Galicia (now Ukraine), and began his formal musical education as a child in the choir of cantor Boruch Schorr in Lemberg. Best known for his collaborations with Herman Wohl, Perlmutter composed many of Yiddish music’s most popular songs and operas, blending folk tunes and cantorial hymns with opera, marches, and waltzes to create the modern yet familiar melodies of U.S. Yiddish theater. For a full biography of Perlmutter, visit his biography page

Here, Shir Hashirim (clearly a pseudonym) performs Perlmutter's "Leben Soll Columbus" from the musical, Der Griner Milyoner (The Greenhorn Millionaire), recorded ca. March 1916.