Record Labels

Lambert Company

The Lambert Company of Chicago is one of the most important recording labels in the history of the early music industry but its impact, due to the industry’s litigious nature in its nascent years, has been nearly erased. Best known today for its technological innovations in sound recording and its bright pink cylinders, the Lambert Company also released some 48 Yiddish- and Hebrew-language cylinders first recorded by the Standard Phonographic Company of New York.

Standard Phonograph Company of New York

It would be easy to dismiss the Standard Phonographic Company of New York City (hereafter, Standard Records) as just one of the many fly-by-night record labels that launched and crashed in the nascent days of the popular recording industry. Its recorded output was minimal, and the only known recordings appear to survive because of—rather than despite—its early demise.

United Hebrew Disk & Cylinder Record Co.

The United Hebrew Disk & Cylinder Record Company (hereafter, UHD&C) was a short-lived but critically important recoding label in the history of Jewish and ethnic sound recordings. Along with Standard Records, UHD&C was one of the earliest labels to focus exclusively on recording and selling foreign-language music.