A Biselle KlezKamp returns to Madison!

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Dear friends of Yiddish culture,Slide2

With the warm weather finally upon us, we now turn our attention to the glories of summer, not least of which is A Biselle KlezKamp (a bit of KlezKamp)! Please join us for our next day-long, free event on July 21, 2013, 9am-9pm.

Music, dance, language, art, and cultural studies‚Äîplus age appropriate children’s programming‚Äîare the lively¬†core of this whirlwind 12-hour extravaganza of Eastern¬†European / American Jewish life. A Biselle¬†KlezKamp¬†is the Midwest’s premiere Yiddish event.

This year’s program will be as rich as ever. Our world renowned staff will return with new and exciting offerings, and we’ve implemented suggestions from previous attendees to make this event even more responsive to the needs of all participants, veterans and newcomers alike.

If you’ve attended A Biselle KlezKamp before, come back to continue deepening your exploration of the bounties of traditional and popular Yiddish culture with our new workshops and lectures.

And if you’ve never joined us, what are you waiting for? Yiddish culture is a thousand years old, but it can’t wait for you forever!

We’ll be there. Will you? Join us!

Henry Sapoznik
Director, Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture

Class descriptions and a complete schedule are available here. Registration is here.